AM Strategy

Why have a UK Additive Manufacturing strategy ?

  • Ensure UK maximises benefits of Additive Manufacturing
  • Provide a joined up activity;
    • Involving all parties (industry, academia, government, finance etc.)
    • Covering research, innovation, exploitation and training
    • Considers the entire supply chain
  • Reduce the risk of duplication and critical gaps
  • Focus effort to give the most effective outcome
  • Raise awareness of the potential impact of Additive Manufacturing
  • Accelerate learning /knowledge transfer
  • Ensure immediate opportunities are addresses but not at the expense of capability building for the long-term sustainability

UK’s Additive Manufacturing Strategy Development


  • small committee established to coordinate the development of the Additive Manufacturing strategy
  • secured support from leading UK organisations
  • Positioning paper generated


  • Series of workshops held to engage with stakeholders
  • On-line call for evidence
  • Working groups established


  •  Platform for engagement document published


  • Additive Manufacturing strategy document published
  • Key bodies established to oversee the implementation of the Additive Manufacturing strategy;
    • AM Leadership council established
    • AM Special Interest Group established

Positioning Paper

The case for additive manufacturingPublished March 2015

“The evidence presented in this document places the UK amongst the global leaders in knowledge and successful application of Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D Printing. This disruptive technology has the potential to transform how and where manufacturing is done across a wide range of industrial sectors and global markets”.

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  • Workshops were held around the UK to gather information from stakeholders
  • Events targeted at key sectors were also undertaken

 How the evidence was collected

Update Report 1

What did the evidence reveal

Update Report 2

Comparison of international approaches to public support for additive manufacturing

Update Report 3